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César Bravo

Board Member

Cesar Bravo has dedicated himself to Business and Agriculture. His passion for these fields is what led him to establish his company Events by Cesar Bravo in 2018. He began his journey into the world of Business and Agriculture while in High School in Los Angeles California. Mr. Bravo attended Crenshaw High School in South Central Los Angeles where he was one of 1% of students who were accepted to the Teacher Training Academy.

His experiences during high school include being a Student-Owner of the nation's first student owned and operated natural products company called "Food From the ‘Hood". This program allowed students to work in a fully equipped and functioning, self-sufficient, business and afforded them the opportunity to earn scholarships and funding for their college education by selling salad.

Mr. Bravo has experience that spans everything from Marketing, finance to food preparation, and development. Mr. Bravo believes in sustainability, and quality. While working at his family’s Restaurant, he had the opportunity to put his education to work. Bravo helped his family to increase sales 210% within 3 years. Bravo works in the Financial Services sector but contributes his talents to Community Development and Social Responsibility through his work with the Columbus Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with the Woman of his Dreams, Adriana Arriaga, another local business owner and entrepreneur.

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