Board Members

Sonia Galicia

Chair Membership Committee & Member La Mega Media Senior Account Executive

Sonia Galicia is an account manager for the Columbus market of La Mega Media, representing accounts for WVKO La Mega 103.1FM and La Jornada Latina Spanish Newspaper. She also coordinates the station’s quarterly events, creating successful campaigns for Hispanic marketing in the area and serving as event planner for concerts and health fairs. Galicia was born in Mexico City, Mexico and moved to Columbus in 1994.

Upon arriving in Columbus, Sonia began serving at a restaurant and managed a booth at a flea market to later co-own a musical shop which expanded to various areas of Columbus. She then opened a southern fashion apparel store, a candy store and begun two Spanish language publications: Impacto Latino and NotiDeportivo. Sonia has always understood entrepreneurship first hand and has continuously served as liaison between local businesses and organizations that could potentially serve them.

In 2008 Galicia sold her Spanish Publications to TSJ Media, who converted them to what is now La Jornada Latina Newspaper. She was kept in the company with the position of VP of Community Affairs and Senior Account Manager.

Sonia Galicia is a strong advocate of the Hispanic community and has participated in various campaigns aiding the same and has also sat in various boards that cater specifically to the Hispanic Community in Columbus. Currently Sonia sits on the Board of Directors of the Columbus Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and us the Chair of Membership.

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