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Ohio Assn of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities

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Job ID: HCC-communications-director-89413
Contact Rep: Adam Herman
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Contact Phone: (614) 431-0616
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Employer Job Description

Minimum Qualifications and Skills
• Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, journalism, English or a related field.
• Excellent writing skills required for editorial, persuasive, and technical applications.
• Ability to develop, oversee, and/or otherwise execute plans and processes to implement strategic goals.
• Ability to use various communications platforms, including social media and e-mail marketing.
• Ability to use industry-standard software titles on a daily basis, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office, video/audio editing applications, etc.
• Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment.
• Ability to work on multiple projects at one time and manage competing deadlines.

Salary for the position will be established commensurate with experience and may also be impacted by the scope of the total benefit package offered; however, the position will be paid a minimum $65,000 per year.

Comprehensive health insurance (single/family) with HSA, universal leave time, paid holidays, employee assistance program, paid professional development, and other fringe benefits as defined by association policy.

Typical Job Duties

Media Relations (10%)
• Acts as OACB’s primary spokesperson with reporters and news organizations on routine matters or media inquiries.
• Provides background information, research, and other information relevant to reporters’ inquiries as they relate to the role/function of county boards of DD, including demographic data and other information commonly associated with trade associations (when available).
• Assists the CEO, COO, and President of the Board of Trustees in responding to media inquiries of substantial importance or risk to OACB and/or members.
• Initiates/pitches stories to media representatives where appropriate on behalf of OACB and its members.
• Prepares or oversees creation of news releases and prepared statements on OACB initiatives.

Advocacy (10%)
• Participates in advocacy discussions as needed to offer strategic direction in the areas of communications and public relations to support OACB’s overall policy initiatives.
• Supports OACB advocacy team in the preparation of materials to inform or persuade policymakers to adopt a desired course of action.
• From time to time, directly participates in OACB advocacy efforts by engaging with state and federal lawmakers and administrative officials on issues of importance to members.
• Maintains relationships with public relations and communications colleagues within state and federal offices and agencies to ensure free flow of information and coordinate efforts to achieve mutual goals.

Publications (30%)
• Writes original content and edits articles/stories in publications, such as letters, brochures, fact sheets, and other printed and electronic materials, including the OACB Insider, OACB PolicyBrief, SSA Today, and others.
• Implements communications measurement tools and the creation of communications effectiveness reports for distribution to staff and the board of trustees.
• Develops an annual editorial calendar for Association publications and communications channels.
• Coordinates the annual collection of OACB’s qualitative and quantitative accomplishments and oversees the creation of the Annual Report for distribution to members.

Technical Assistance (20%)
• Provides technical assistance to county board members and key management staff in the creation and execution of local public relations and/or awareness campaigns.
• Provides talking points to county board members and key management staff as needed on high-profile topics and developments within Ohio’s DD system.
• Occasionally provides design assistance to members to ensure members represent themselves in a professional manner and within the expectations of their communities.
• Provides best-practices tips and suggestions to members from subject matter experts on a regular basis via email and other formal/informal channels.
• Attends national conferences on public relations and communications issues to bring back information and strategies of strategic use by OACB and its members.
• Provides technical assistance to members in crisis communications situations or in instances where a member does not employ a full-time media relations staff member and requires guidance/advice.
• Prepares or oversees creation of news releases and prepared statements for members upon request.

Member Relations/Internal Communications (10%)
• Generates ideas for new member services and other resources that will serve to help members perform better in their duties, particularly related to the role of communications and public relations for county boards.
• Devises systems, policies, and procedures for updating and maintaining accurate member and stakeholder contact information within OACB MemberConnect and other software platforms.
• Assists with the implementation and analysis of member surveys, prepares reports documenting results.

Website and Social Media (20%)
• Executes editorial calendar for Web site and social media platforms, including research, editing, writing, and formatting of stories based on original content.
• Anticipates member content needs and responds to member feedback regarding availability and types of information presented on OACB Web site.
• Ensures Web site is technologically proficient, compatible for use with most common modern communication devices, and generally up to state-of-the-industry standards.
• Serves as primary contact and oversees efforts of third-party Web developers and contractors; acts as liaison between technical staff and OACB staff in situations where appropriate to ensure goals are met.

General Business Info

Phone: (614) 431-0616


73 E Wilson Bridge Rd Ste B1
Worthington, OH 43085

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