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Job ID: HCC-ohio-construction-laborer-apprentice-position-4267
Contact Rep: Vince Irvin
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Contact Phone: (740) 501-4922
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Ohio Union Laborers are the hands and feet of the construction industry. They work as a part of a construction team using diverse skills acquired through classroom instruction and hands-on training. Laborers complete tasks that keep construction projects moving safely and efficiently. Check out a video of the daily performance of a union laborer here:

Some specific tasks of a laborer are: drilling and blasting, erecting scaffolding, mason tending, pipe laying, grade checking, cutting steel, operating power equipment, traffic control, and installing intelligent transportation systems. Ohio Laborers do everything, from small one-day jobs to massive multi-year construction projects.

Apply today to begin an apprenticeship in one of the eight-core specialties performed by laborers: Building, Heavy Highway/ Utility, Masonry, Demolition/ Deconstruction, Pipeline, Tunneling, Environmental remediation, and Landscaping.


- High-quality wages

- Fully-paid family medical benefits with zero premiums (medical, prescription, and vision)

- Employer-funded retirement pension plans

- No additional cost training courses and educational credits

- Portability to work for different signatory contractors throughout Ohio without losing or changing benefits

- No experience is necessary, but previous experience is applied to impact wages and training requirements

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Phone: (614) 865-9833


152 Dorchester Square Suite 100
Westerville, OH 43081

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